Phenomenology and Late Modernism

My interdisciplinary research brings Merleau-Ponty’s philosophy to readings of late modernist literature in Ireland, Britain, France, and elsewhere. Inter- and post-war writing within the modernist tradition begins to disrupt it, undermining a sovereign consciousness by means of repetition, formal play, interruption and fragmentation. Phenomenology also emphasizes the human body’s implication within its natural and built environments.

Book Project

Bodying Space: Beckett and the Question of Agency

The abject, decrepit body in Beckett does not, as some have argued, signal the impossibility of agency but demands its reconceptualization. Sensuality and bodily passivity in Beckett work to situate the human within its immediate, physical environment, suggesting a post-humanist version of agency that, unlike voluntarism, avows our material, embodied relationship to earth.

Scholarly Publications (selected)